Our Coaches & Staff

When you attend a Hall of Fame Academy event or camp you gain instant access to the worlds most experienced football staff. Check out our roster below.

HOF Academy Leadership


Ray Farmer

Director of Scouting

Director of Scouting & former General Manager of the Cleveland Brown, Duke graduate & former NFL athlete.


Rod Woodson

Specialty - Defensive Backs

Director of Scouting & NFL Hall of Famer.


Gary Howard

National Scouting Director & Director of Player Personnel

National Scouting Director & Director of Player Personnel, renowned Collegiate Scout & former Comcast Sports TV Analyst..

Coaches & Staff


Rich Barel
David Lee
Jeff Rutledge
Steve Hagen
Gen Dahlquist
Jim Kubiak
Mike Clark
Chris Leak
Doug Cosbie
Norm Andersen

Wide Receivers

Charlie Collins
Fred Barnett
Nate Poole
Wes Chandler
Doug Cosbie
Norm Andersen
Torry Holt

Running Backs

Robert Ford
Norm Andersen
Quintin Smith
David Walker
Chick Harris
David Riley
Franco Arellanos

Offensive Line

Pete Metzelaars
Melvin Hayes
Mike Guzda
William Roberts
Will Shields
Odell Shields
Franco Arellanos

Tight Ends

Pete Metzelaars
Doug Cosbie

Defensive Line

Ted Cottrell
Odell Jones
DeChon Burns
Levon Kirland
Ryan McNeil
Howard Tippett

Defensive Back

Rod Woodson
Darryl Pollard
Bobby Jackson
Bill Bradley
Brandon Bing
Marlon Kerner
Ryan McNeil
Odell Jones


Kurt Gouveia
Kurt Barber
London Fletcher
Levon Kirkland
Ryan McNeil
Odell Jones
Howard Tippett

Interested in joining our NFL staff please email Academy Director Debbie Crusco at: debbie.crusco@hofvillage.com