Teammate Basketball

Age & Grade Verification

Promoting Fair Play for Youth Athletes

Verified players and teams DO NOT have to carry age/grade documents to events!

We at the Teammate Basketball Association are very proud to announce a partnership with National Sports ID to help maintain the integrity of our players, teams, and tournaments. National Sports ID is an online service that verifies the age/grade of youth athletes by providing approved Sports ID Cards.

PLEASE take the 10-15 minutes to register yourself for an account, create a team and invite your players to get verified Sports ID Cards. The NSID customer service team is on call to assist you and all your players through the simple process.

The cost for the Sports ID is just $10 for the year. The Sports ID card is valid for 365 days from the date it is approved. Once you get your team verified you are then eligible to enter any Teammate Basketball Tournament for the next 365 days.

Please follow the steps below to get started with registering your account, creating your team and inviting your players to get verified. Remember there is LIVE HELP in the right-hand corner of the National Sports ID website to assist you and your players.

Benefits of Getting Players/Teams Verified

  • Protect the integrity of Teammate by following our Eligibility¬†Rules
  • No more carrying player documents to events.
  • No more waiting on long lines to check players/teams in.
  • Your verified roster can be used at 1000s of events nationwide.
  • Coaches get a free team management platform.¬†


Steps to Get Your Child Verified
The process is easy and takes 10-15 minutes

1. Sign Up Below AS A PARENT & Create Child Account.
(Please Watch Pop-Up Video in Registration)

2. Upload Player Photo, Birth Certificate/Passport & Report Card.

3. Check-Out Using our Secure Payment Form.

For Help Please Use Our Live Chat Below


Steps to Get Your Team Verified
The process is easy and takes 10-15 minutes

1. Sign Up Below AS A COACH & Create Coach Account.

2. Watch Pop-Up Video then Follow Prompts to Create Team.

3. On Team Page Click Invite New Team Members to Send out Invites. (To Add Players Yourself – Manage Team > Add/Verify Players)

For Help Please Use Our Live Chat Below

Coaches now get a full blown team management & scheduling platform for FREE!