Instructions: (Parent for Child)

  1. Enter your child's name and date of birth.
  2. Click Add Child.
    1. If a new player clicks Submit as New & Next.
    2. If an existing player appears click Select & Next.
  3. Create a Parent Account on the next screen.

Instructions: (Adult Player)

  1. Complete all fields with your information.
  2. Confirm you are human by clicking Captcha.
  3. Agree to Terms of Service.
  4. Click Register.

Player (your child)


  1. Enter Child(s) Name and Date of Birth.
  2. Click Add Child.
  3. Click Submit as New Player or Select if the player is in the system.
  4. Click Next to start parent registration.

TYPE name in fields. Text auto-populated from a browser is not accepted.


Don't forget to complete sportsid for your child!

1. Parent (you)

2. Parent login information

If you are also a coach of a team please click YES so you can act as a coach and a parent on NSID.

3. Alerts and Updates

Please add your mobile phone number so the coach of your team can send you schedule updates and alerts about upcoming events.