Youth Sports Tournament and League Registration Software

Our tournament and league registration software streamlines player age/grade verification, e-signing waivers and generating verified rosters.

Know who is Participating in Your Event

National Sports ID has taken the old school way of collecting youth athletes birth certificates/passports and report cards and made it a cool and easy registration software for your tournament or league. This software allows for youth sports tournaments or league registration to verify the age/grade of all the athletes, which saves all participants time on the day of the event and the organization to save substantial amount of money in labor costs. 

Our youth sports registration software has helped tournament and league directors organize their events like never before. The efficiency of our software allows organizations to age/grade verify and makes sure all teams are in the proper divisions without the players even being there. Getting this very time consuming process out of the way before the event even starts helps makes all players, parents and coaches very happy. 

No More Long Lines for Teams on the Day of Event

Do you run tournaments or leagues that required an interview or check-in process to enter the event? Or do you run tournaments or leagues that have no check-in process at all because you are not checking the age/grade of your participants? This process sometimes requires players, parents and coaches to show up the day before or several hours before the event just so players can participate. Now your tournament or league registration can provide an easy and efficient online check-in process that will not only assure that players are the appropriate ages but also that all teams are in the divisions they are eligible for. 

With National Sports ID tournament or league registration software you can now provide a professional experience for your participants because they will now now the divisions are fair. Your tournament or league can now have the level of integrity it should have with very little to no work for your organization. Let National Sports ID provide a seamless registration and online check-in process for your participants and you can focus on the tournament or league. 

All Teams Placed in Proper Divisions

Once you decide to become a National Sports ID sanctioned tournament or league not only do we make sure the integrity of your event stays in tact but we also take a lot of work off your plate. We verify the age and grade of all participants of your event we then also verify the team based on what your tournament or league requires like age or grade. Your registration process will now have an online tournament or league page and we can add all eligibility requirements to enter that division. When verified teams start to join your tournament or league on National Sports ID the division they are eligible will light up for them to simply click and check-in.

Allowing teams to just check-in to the proper divisions in your tournament or league not only saves them and you a whole lot of time but assures only teams that are eligible for that division are in it. When all the teams are checked-in it also allows tournament and league directors, as well as appointed officials to be able to easily search teams to view if players are the appropriate age in the case of a challenge or question.

The Registration Process is Easy!

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Invite Players

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