Sell Youth Sports Products

Sell youth sports products in our verification process and assure that all parents of players going to your event can purchase them. 

How NSID Sells Youth Sports Products?

Youth sports directors always have tables of products to purchase by parents of the athletes that participate in their events. The problem is you cannot make every single parent walk past the table and have them stop to take a look at the items you want to sell. This means you never sell as many products as you should because not enough people are stopping to take a look. 

National Sports ID has an incredibly powerful way to assure that all parents of a player that register on NSID before attending your events called Sell Your Products. This feature will not only force all parents to view your products right on their computer screen but also force them to make a decision if they want to but or not. This level of laser-focused target marketing will drastically give your product exposure and has been increasing event store sales by 30-40%.

Target Marketing with a Laser!

If you have an organization that sells youth sports products or services on the internet then you may have heard the term “target marketing” or “target audience”. A target audience means a group of consumers or organizations most likely to buy a company’s products or services. There are a lot of people selling a lot of things comparable or the same as you are selling. Getting your products directly in front of them at a time where they want to buy is always the hardest challenge. Not anymore!

NSID has the most powerful target marketing strategy for it’s partners to take full advantage of. If you are a tourney or league director you most likely have products that you want to sell to the parents of athletes that attend your events. You can now display your products right in the verification process for these parents to have to see and decide if they want to by or not. 

Increase Sales, More Revenue!

In the very competitive youth sports tournament and league world, event directors and business owners always need ways to increase revenue. NSID has done it again and this time with the incredible Sell Your Products feature. You can now target your audience with laser accuracy, right when they are ready to buy and show them all the products you want. 

These type of online sales can even happen in your sleep! NSID will create your online store, which will turn into a revenue-generating center for your organization. Your product has never been more visible and accessible at the exact time they need to until you set up an NSID online store.